Reconcile your 26AS Form now to save working capital

TaxReco Shorts

A CFO would like to track Financial KPI’s and track the health of a business/company. Working capital is one of the most important KPI for an organization be tracked. Working capital requirement gets tracked on the basis of cash flow, business terms and amount of money to be claimed as credit/refund for taxes.

Modern CFO’s and tax Heads like to be on top of this by applying for Lower Deduction certificate at the beginning of the year, reconcile tax statements and keeping a check on net amount of tax as refund/to be paid.

26AS Reconciliation is one such activity and if it done on quarterly basis with diligent follow ups with clients along with reconciliation statements – companies can ensure the following:

  • Lesser gap in sales amount reflecting in 26AS in comparison to ERP Data
  • Saving on working capital due to timely reconciliation & follow ups

Quarter 4 of the business is the time to check the pulse of 26AS Reconciliation at transaction level, preparing reconciliation statements and following up with clients.

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