TaxReco - 26AS Reconciliation Automation

ERP agnostic DIY platform for 26AS reconciliation with automated TAN to PAN finder
and collaboration within tax teams

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    End to End Automation

    Automated Reconciliation through DIY secure SaaS platform

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    TAN to PAN Search

    Search PAN number associated with a TAN number automatically

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    Reconcile in Minutes

    Reconcile large volume data in few minutes on different parameters

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    Automated Follow ups

    Follow up with customers/vendors at the click of a button

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    Actionable Reports

    Insightful reporting for users and management to take actions

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    Experienced Team

    Leverage experience of our team with a combined average experience of 15+ years

TaxReco - One Stop Solution for 26AS Reconciliation

TaxReco is a DIY platform that reconciles millions of sales/purchase transactions with 26AS form in few minutes.
We increase accuracy of your reconciliation through technology enabled Form 26AS reconciliation service.


26AS Reconciliation Simplified

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Why choose TaxReco

In today’s digital age, enterprises deal with massive amount of data related to finances. This combined with the regulatory initiatives, market and competitive pressures, demands greater operational efficiency and visibility, while reducing operational risk.

Though organizations have started focusing on reconciliation, manual reconciliation still remains one of the primary adopted methods at organizations that takes up more than 50% of the productive time of the tax teams.

Enterprises continue to grapple with issues rekated to manual reconciliation that ultimately leads to a weak audit trail further leading to lesser visibility into reconciliation data changes

TaxReco's 26AS Reconciliation System provides full set of automated reconciliation capabilities and helps tax teams across enterprises save time on productive work. Its functional components provide adequate and strong control points allowing greater visibility into transaction and exception handling processes.

Tax Reconciliation & Collaboration

15Years of Average Team Experience

  • SaaS platform on AWS with secure multi tenant architecture

  • ERP agnostic automated data transfer

  • Reconciles millions of transactions in few minutes

  • Interactive action page with audit trail & carry forwards

  • Improved working capital management and audit performance


  • Data Ingestion and

    ERP agnostic sales and purchase data ingestion to TaxReco. Users don’t need to spend hours on preparing data template unlike traditional software

    Data quality validation at the time of ingestion by mapping of TAN numbers with ERP data

    26AS form can be ingested in same format (.txt) as downloaded from TRACES website (

  • Transaction

    TaxReco’s smart algorithm reconciles data on multiple parameters as per the accounting standards

    User can define parameters for reconciliation

    Intuitive interface to analyse data, collaborate with teams, work offline and upload later makes it easier for user to reconcile faster

    Automated follow ups reduce workload drastically of sending emails manually to large number of customers/vendors

  • Analysis and Reporting

    Detailed reports showing transaction wise reconciliation output and the reasons for match and mismatch

    Summarized reports to suit needs of different stakeholders – customer/vendors, management, authorities and auditors

    Bulk actions to ease the working for users