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Single Platform for

Corporate Tax Teams!

Corporate finance team have lot of data to collate, reconcile, analyse, communicate and report. Companies need a platform where data collection, reconciliation, communication and reporting can happen automatically and time should be spent only on data analysis.

TaxReco is a SaaS platform built to bring all tax data on a single platform



To simplify tax reconciliations by eliminating repetitive non – productive tasks to boost productivity & faster audit closures.
We are a tax technology company that has built a secure, robust platform for Indian companies to reconcile taxes and communicate with the ecosystem.

Best Automated
Tax Reconciliation Platform

15years of average team experience

Founding Team

Dinesh Sharma

Experienced lean product development consultant and executive coach

Saiprasad Krishnamurthy

Technical Leader/ entrepreneur, passionate about working for high transactional/low latency systems

Vijender Singh

CA, CPA (US) with experience in Investment banking, industry practices, audit and professional consulting.

Avdhesh Sharma

Sales professional with experience of working with customers in Large corporates and startups for enterprise application adoption


Tax technology has made inroads into Indian market with introduction of GST in 2017 though return filing tools were available for more than a decade and were majorly being used as utility.

While working with an MNC, Avdhesh was meeting CFO’s & Tax Heads to sell tax automation platform, one thing was quite evident during discussions was that tax heads were asking for reconciliation automation more than return filing. 

That was the trigger to initiate a discussion with Vijender Singh (CA)(CPA)(Q) and he acknowledged the problem existing in Indian market. TCS was being introduced by Government of India (Oct 2020) and Direct tax becoming more of a transaction tax, technology intervention becomes more important for companies.

So, when two came together and agreed on the problem statement, search started for someone who can build the product and has built scalable products in past.



Avdhesh and Vijender reached out to Dinesh Sharma (Less Trainer & Executive Coach) with the problem statement and he also felt that a scalable product can be built around this.

Business, functional, Product Design was sorted but the most important person was still missing – One who can build the product – CTO. 

With Sai Prasad (has built SaaS products earlier) coming in, team was complete and TaxReco was seeded with a cross functional team.

TaxReco product roadmap has been created to disrupt the way corporate finance functions. TaxReco is being built in a customer centric mode, where problems as per the roadmap are discussed with customers after creating a basic framework. Additional features required, data presentation and reporting requirements are finalized after getting feedback from customers.